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Dwayne Johnson's Life-Sized Black Adam Figure Looks Shockingly Real


Dwayne Johnson's Life-Sized Black Adam Figure Looks Shockingly Real
A life-sized Black Adam figure created by Muckle Mannequins shows off Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero character in a shockingly realistic portrayal.

Dwayne Johnson's likeness gets molded into a surprisingly realistic mannequin for Black Adam. There has been a plethora of unique promotional materials for Black Adam as the film's October release draws near. While there have been a number of posters, images, and trailers for the movie in the last few months, the next installment in the DCEU has had an interesting marketing campaign. This includes recent aerial footage of a Black Adam trailer being played from a rooftop screen at the Los Angeles Rams' stadium in California. On top of that, Johnson continues to tirelessly promote his long-awaited DCEU debut on social media.

In addition to eye-catching marketing, fans and merchandise companies looking forward to Black Adam have been creating interesting works centered around Johnson's character. Some of these have included fan art and impressively rendered toys, as well as other unique pieces. When it comes to the former, these include a reimagining of JSA member Doctor Fate as a James Bond character, as well as highly-detailed, realistic art of Johnson's Black Adam defeating Henry Cavill's Superman. The excitement surrounding Black Adam has tapped into the creative minds of many across the globe.

Bringing their own creativity to the forefront is Muckle Mannequins, who recently posted an image on their Instagram account of a realistic-looking, life-sized Black Adam figure. The towering statue has an incredibly detailed and realistic "Resin- and Silicon head" that strongly resembles Johnson. Additional images show people posing with the figure, indicating its large size. This figure will be available in select movie theaters around the globe. 

This life-sized Johnson figure is a far cry from the typical Black Adam merchandise. It is one of Muckle Mannequins' many franchise creations, with others belonging to the Wizarding World and the MCU. The company also has a section on their website for life-sized DCEU figures, including Justice League members like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. While the realistic Black Adam figure is not listed for purchase at the time of writing, other characters the company has crafted and promoted on Instagram are for sale. It may not be long before anyone with enough cash can purchase their very own Johnson look-alike, decked out in a Black Adam suit.

This realistic Black Adam figure is another fun addition to the number of ways Black Adam is being hyped up. The details in the figure's face are so realistic it's almost uncanny, thus giving fans a rather unique way of getting up close and personal with Johnson's anti-hero. There's no better way to showcase a character's might than by having a mere mortal stand right beside them. With Johnson promising Black Adam will mark a big shift in the DCEU moving forward, it's fitting to see incredible projects like this emerge before its release. As for the real Johnson, he'll be on the big screen soon, when Black Adam arrives in theaters next month.

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