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5 ways tech can help you feel safer at home

5 ways tech can help you feel safer at home

Digital security is a constant topic on my nationally syndicated radio show and podcast about all things technological. Consider the router in your house. Your entire network, files, and anything connected to it could be vulnerable to hackers if you use an older model. Click or tap the following five reasons to replace your outdated router.

There are other free methods of safeguarding your online existence. For four simple security tests you can perform right now for no cost, tap or click.

Then there are the security advices that are a little more local. Whether you have a full house or live alone, there's a lot you can do to feel safer where you live.

1. Connect with your community

One of the best ways to feel safer is to get to know your neighbours. Introduce yourself, if you haven't already. Knowing that your neighbourhood has your back will make you feel better.

Through NextDoor, you may also learn more about the surrounding community. Create a profile to connect with nearby residents. Just be prepared for a good amount of drama. I'll never forget the moment I saw a post about someone speeding. Ah, I'm sorry.

Joining a buy nothing club is a more enjoyable way to connect with your neighbourhood. Here, neighbours exchange stuff they no longer need. Imagine you want to replace your TV and you have to get rid of the old one. 

2. Set up your phone for emergencies

Your telephone is dependably with you and can be a help in a crisis. A savvy step is to enact your telephone's crisis SOS include. At the point when set off, this will call crisis benefits and send warnings and updates to your picked individual crisis contacts.

Set up emergency contacts for your iPhone

• Open the Health app and tap your profile picture > Medical ID.

• Select Edit, then scroll to Emergency Contacts.

• Tap the Add emergency contact button, then select a contact. Add their relationship.

• Hit Done to confirm your changes.

To call emergency services:

• Press the side button and one of the volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider pops up.

• To call emergency services, drag the slider.

• You can also continue holding the side and volume buttons to contact emergency services automatically.

Once the countdown ends, your phone will contact emergency services.

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Set up emergency contacts and SOS on your Android

• Open the Safety app, and sign in to your Google Account.

• Tap Settings, then Medical information to add info like blood type, allergies, or medications. Tap the item in the list you want to update.

• Tap Emergency contacts, then Add contact and choose the existing contact you want to add.

Now you need to activate your Android’s SOS feature:

• In this same app, tap Safety & emergency and then Emergency SOS.

• Turn on Use Emergency SOS.

• You can also turn on Play alarm sound to play a loud sound when Emergency SOS starts.

• Decide which emergency actions should trigger when you use Emergency SOS. Turn on the actions you want to use: Call emergency services and Share info with emergency contacts.

To call emergency services:

• Press the Power button five times or more. A five-second countdown begins before emergency actions are started. To cancel Emergency SOS, swipe Cancel to the right during the countdown.

• After the five-second countdown, emergency actions are started depending on your settings.

Are you a caretaker for someone in your life? If you can't always be together, a lot of great tech can help. 

Mechanical or smart home timers can turn lights and a stereo or TV on and off when you are not home.

3. Make it look like you’re home, even when you’re not

Whether you're working for the afternoon or off on a weeklong get-away, there are ways of making it appear as though your house is involved despite the fact that it's vacant. Mechanical or brilliant home clocks can turn lights and a sound system or television on and off.

Have a Reverberation speaker? Alexa Gatekeeper resembles a couple of ears you leave at home. Your Reverberation gadget will tune in for glass breaking, smoke cautions, or carbon monoxide alerts. You'll get an alarm on your telephone assuming these sounds are distinguished.

Alexa Watchman can likewise consequently turn any associated brilliant lights on and off to make it seem as though you're home.

4. Install a smart security system

Home security innovation has made considerable progress since the times of intricate permanently set up frameworks with extended, costly agreements. You can now modify a framework for your home that incorporates precisely exact thing you need and, surprisingly, set everything up yourself.

SimpliSafe is a supporter of my public broadcast, and they're an organization I generally suggest. Obviously, there are numerous choices at various costs.

The least expensive doesn't mean the best. I'd stay away from the scratch and dent section models you can view as on the web. 

5. Think before you post online

We will quite often need to post each thrilling second in our lives via virtual entertainment, yet it probably won't be only your companions who are watching your undertakings. In the event that you keep a public profile, anybody can see you're investigating another city nowhere near home.

The least difficult arrangement isn't to post individual data via web-based entertainment, including your get-away timetable. Hold on until you return to share photographs and recordings.

On the off chance not set in stone to partake progressively, basically make certain to confine your records to confided in loved ones.

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