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Middle East: US President Wants To Tie Israel More Closely To Its Arab Neighbors

At the beginning of his Middle East trip, Joe Biden is counting on further integration of Israel in the region. Both countries are clearly opposed to Iran's nuclear plans.

US President Joe Biden pledged US "unwavering" support to Israel at the start of his Middle East trip. Relations between the two countries are "deeper and stronger than ever," he said after landing in Tel Aviv. His government will work for the further integration of Israel in its neighborhood.

Israel has over the past two years struck agreements to establish diplomatic relations with several Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, through US mediation. Observers assume that Biden also wants to mediate serious contacts between Israel and Saudi Arabia in the course of his trip to the Middle East. The US President meets Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Saturday.  

US firmly on Israel's side against Iran

Otherwise, Biden's visit to Israel is primarily influenced by the immense tensions with Iran. According to a senior US official, Biden and the new Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid plan to sign a joint statement this Thursday warning Iran against pushing ahead with its nuclear program. Part of the declaration was the commitment "never to allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon".

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It should also be noted that "action will be taken against Iran's destabilizing activities", in particular against the threat to Israel. Security cooperation between the United States and Israel would continue to expand. Iran's President Ebrahim Raissi responded to Biden's trip with a threat: If the goal of the US representatives' visits was to "normalize Israel's relations with some countries," it would "in no way create security," he said.

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It is Biden's first visit to Israel since taking office a year and a half ago, and the first visit by a US president to the country since 2017. After meetings with Israeli President Izchak Herzog and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden will travel to the West Bank, where he met Palestinian President Mahmoud on Friday wants to meet Abbas.

Tricky trip to the oil exporter Saudi Arabia

However, Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia is considered particularly explosive. While still a presidential candidate, Biden said the 2018 assassination of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was critical of the government, made the country a "pariah". According to US intelligence, Saudi Arabia's powerful Crown Prince Mohammed himself ordered the murder or at least knew about the plans.

The meeting between Biden and Mohammed in Jeddah is likely to be primarily about oil. The US President wants to get Saudi Arabia to export more oil in order to curb the price of oil and thus curb US inflation.

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