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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Ukraine Overview || Zelenskyj Plans "Book Of Torturers", Lavrov Negotiates Grain

President of Ukraine announces new war crimes information system According to Ukraine, Russian troops are not making any progress in the Donbass.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced a new war crimes information system. In the coming week, a "book of torturers" is to be launched, in which confirmed information about war criminals and criminals in the Russian armed forces will be collected, Zelenskyy said in his evening video message.

"I have repeatedly emphasized that they will all be held accountable. And we are taking this step by step," said the president. The information collected is about "specific facts about specific people, specific violent crimes against Ukrainians committed," said Zelenskyj. It's about not only holding the direct perpetrators, such as the soldiers, accountable, but also their commanders.

According to Selenskyj, Russian troops were unable to break through in the embattled eastern Ukraine. "The situation at the front has not undergone any significant changes in the last 24 hours," said the President. "The extremely heroic defense of Donbass continues." The fiercest fighting continued for Sieverodonetsk, Lysychansk and Popasna. "It can be felt that the occupiers did not believe that the resistance would be so strong," Zelenskyj said. Russia is now trying to deploy additional units in the Donbass, but also in the Cherson region in southern Ukraine, in order to stop Ukrainian counterattacks.

Zelenskyj Campaigns For EU Membership

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has arrived in Turkey for talks on the export of grain currently blocked in Ukraine . He is scheduled to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu today. Turkey is hoping for cheap grain in return for protecting Ukrainian convoys. This is Lavrov's second trip to Turkey since the beginning of the war in Ukraine . At the beginning of March he met both Çavuşoğlu and the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in an attempt to mediate between the warring parties in Antalya.

Monitoring system at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant back in operation Radiation detectors from the vicinity of the Chernobyl power plant have been transmitting data to the international monitoring system for the first time since February 24, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The measurements obtained so far therefore indicate levels that correspond to those before the beginning of the war, as the IAEA announced on Twitter. On the first day of its war of aggression, Russia took control of the site of the nuclear ruins - after that the nuclear power plant was under Russian occupation for five weeks.

Death Of Russian General

Former Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended her Russia policy during her 16 years as head of government. In an interview in Berlin, she declined to apologize for the course that many criticized as being too lenient towards Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Well, I don't see that I have to say now: That was wrong, and I won't apologize for that either." She accused Putin of a "brutal attack in violation of international law" on Ukraine . You can see a "continuous line" with Putin in recent years, crossing more and more borders, Merkel said.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: deadlock in war with Russia is not an option

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current deadlock in the war with Russia is not sustainable. Ukraine is inferior in terms of equipment and therefore cannot make any progress, he told the Financial Times. "We will suffer more casualties - the people are my priority."

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The ultimate goal would be to gain full control over the entire territory of Ukraine - but pushing the troops back only into the areas in eastern Ukraine already occupied before February 24 would already mean an important temporary success. The war will now be decided on the battlefield. Zelenskyj continued to be open to peace talks. However, negotiations would have to take place with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zelenskyy said he hoped that "the same national spirit" sparked by Russia's attack in Ukraine would last after the war because "it would give us the chance to restore our country and it would give us the chance 'to become a great nation'.

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Luhansk governor calls Siegerodonetsk battle "mission impossible"

Ukraine has denied Russian claims that Russian troops have largely taken control of the embattled city of Sieverodonetsk. "They don't control the city," wrote the governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Gaiday, on Telegram. He admitted, however, that "it is very difficult to hold Sieverodonetsk" and even spoke of a "mission impossible".

The Ukrainian governor said Russia had "mobilized all forces, all reserves" to cut off the main road from Lysychansk to Bakhmut, encircling both major cities. "They are bombing Lysychansk very hard ," Gaiday said of the neighboring city, which is separated from Sievarodonetsk by a river. Taking the two cities would allow Russia to advance towards the major city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region. 

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Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had previously said Russian forces had full control of the city's residential areas. However, the Russian army continues to try to conquer the industrial area and the surrounding settlements. The information cannot be independently verified.

Further developments of the night:

According to Ukrainian sources, at least three people are said to have been killed and six others injured in the Kharkiv Oblast in eastern Ukraine. According to Governor Oleh Synyehubov, Russian troops fired on Kharkiv and several villages.

More than 1,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war from the captured steelworks in Mariupol have now been brought to Russia. Russian  law enforcement agencies are currently dealing with them, Russian media reported.

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According to their own statements, those in power in the Russian-occupied southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol are planning to  join the Russian Federation. The preparations for a corresponding referendum had begun, it said.

According to a media report, repair work on Russia's only aircraft carrier has been delayed. The Admiral Kuznetsov will not be able to return to service until 2024 at the earliest, the Tass news agency reported.

Despite strained relations, senior Russian and US military officials remain in sporadic contact. These phone calls are very important to prevent a direct military confrontation, said Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov.

The World Bank has pledged $1.49 billion in additional funding to Ukraine. The government could use this to pay wages for state employees, as the World Bank announced.

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