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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Situation In Ukraine—Zelenskyj Adviser Plans Counter-Offensive, Dead In Kharkiv

A Ukrainian presidential adviser is confident of winning the war. Attacks on Kharkiv killed 15 people.

Zelenskyj's economic adviser Alexander Rodnyansky expressed confidence in his country's victory against Russia. "We can win the war," he said on the ARD program Maischberger. He hopes that the counteroffensive can begin in August. The support from abroad is more necessary than ever and also arrives, but it takes a while before the weapons can be used. In any case, one should not give in to the illusion of a lasting peace with Russia. Under President Vladimir Putin, the neighboring country is about imperialism - "and it will stay that way."

Shortly before the decision on Ukraine's possible status as a candidate for EU membership, President Volodymyr Zelenskyj called for further sanctions against Russia. "Russia must feel the growing pressure as a result of the war and its aggressive anti-European policy," said the Ukrainian head of state in his video message on Wednesday night. In talks with several European heads of state and government, he stressed that a seventh package of sanctions was needed as soon as possible.

"Even Untrained Forces
Must Now Go To The Front"

According to Ukrainian information, 14 adults and one child were killed by Russian attacks in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv. 16 others were injured. According to Governor Pavel Kyrylenko, one civilian was killed in the Donetsk region and 19 others were injured. The information cannot be independently verified.

EU Council President proposes candidate status for Ukraine

The decision on Ukraine's possible status as a candidate for EU membership is now imminent. EU Council President Charles Michel advocates granting this status both to her and to her small neighbor Moldova. The most recent draft of the final declaration for the EU summit, which begins tomorrow, reads: "The European Council has decided to grant Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova the status of candidate countries." The 27 heads of state and government meeting in Brussels until Friday would thus follow the recommendation of the EU Commission.

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Google manager warns of new information wars using Ukraine as an example

A Google manager sees the cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns against Ukraine as a harbinger of future information wars in other regions of the world. Since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine has been the target of such attacks disproportionately, Jared Cohen said at a UN Security Council meeting on how to deal with hate speech, hate speech and atrocities in Ukraine. This makes the country "practically our crystal ball for what is likely to come".

Selenskyj Expects Increased Attacks,
Russia Now China's Largest Oil Supplier

Cohen called on the international community to take countermeasures and "a kind of deterrent doctrine for the cyber domain".While tech companies have the expertise, "there's no magic algorithm or one-size-fits-all solution," he said. Finding a solution will require "a lot of experimentation". Cohen heads Jigsaw, a division of Google that aims to develop technology to combat disinformation, internet extremism and censorship.

As a result of the Ukraine war, tech companies are under increased pressure to take tougher action against hate speech, disinformation and other harmful content on the Internet. The EU, for example, is working on new rules that will oblige Google, Facebook's parent company Meta and other actors to monitor their platforms more closely.

Selenskyj At The Front,
Stoltenberg Demands Delivery Of Arms

Western powers in the Security Councilaccuse Russia of wanting to weaken Ukraine with a campaign of propaganda, disinformation and hate speech . "Hate speech can also be a war crime," said British Deputy Ambassador to the UN James Kariuki. Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebensya, in turn reiterated Moscow's argument that the Ukrainian leadership's rhetoric was inciting citizens against Russia and the Russian-speaking population in the country.

The night in brief:

The fighting is continuing in eastern Ukraine. According to a report by the Ukrainian General Staff, there is a risk of encirclement by Ukrainian troops in the towns of Solote and Hirske, according to a report by the Ukrainian General Staff.

According to Russian information, 70 ships from 16 countries are currently stuck in six ports in Ukraine. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, they cannot go to sea unhindered because of the shelling by Ukrainian forces and the high risk of mines. On the other hand, Ukraine – one of the largest grain exporters in the world – criticizes the fact that Russia is preventing the export of grain by blocking Ukrainian ports and thus provoking a food crisis, especially in the Global South . According to Russian information, representatives of Turkey are to travel to Moscow next week to hold talks on the blocked exports.

The decision on Ukraine's possible status as a candidate for EU membership is now imminent. EU Council President Charles Michel advocates granting this status both to her and to her small neighbor Moldova.

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