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US Calls UN Security Council Over New North Korea Sanctions | Joe Biden Issues Stricter Rules In US

No more tobacco trade, make oil imports more difficult: the government in Washington wants to tighten the punitive measures against North Korea. China and Russia are likely to veto.

After North Korea tested a suspected ICBM, the United States called a UN Security Council vote on tougher sanctions against the communist country. The goal is to weaken the regime in Pyongyang to such an extent that it can no longer continue "its illegal programs for weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles."

Further restrictions on the country's oil imports are under discussion. The draft resolution, which is also available to the dpa news agency, also provides for a complete stop to the North Korean tobacco trade; this source of income is to be dried up. Sanctions are also planned against the North Korean hacker group Lazarus, whose assets are to be frozen.

Where Guns Count More Than Children's Lives

North Korea had previously fired three missiles immediately after US President Joe Biden's trip to Asia ended. According to South Korea, the first of these was believed to be the largest ICBM that North Korea has at its disposal. Pyongyang is also testing a nuclear ignition device, according to the Seoul National Security Bureau.

"We believe that now is the time to act," the AFP news agency quoted a senior US official as saying. ICBM testing violates UN resolutions. However, diplomats do not consider the US initiative to be very promising. Both Russia and China, traditional allies of the regime in Pyongyang, would exercise their right of veto.

Torture Of Uyghurs

The UN Security Council was last able to agree on sanctions against Pyongyang in 2017 after a nuclear weapons test. The US warns that another nuclear weapons test could be imminent.

Joe Biden issues stricter rules for US federal police

Two years after the death of George Floyd, the US President obliges the federal police to be more accountable. He failed to reform at the state and district level.

Two years after the death of black man George Floyd during a brutal police operation, US President Joe Biden signed a decree that makes police officers more accountable. Without the trust of the public, the security authorities could not carry out their tasks, he said during a memorial service in Washington. 

US Pledges Military Aid To Taiwan

Floyd's death on May 25, 2020 in the city of Minneapolis had sparked nationwide protests against racism and police violence. The ceremony in the White House was attended by parliamentarians, black representatives and the families of other victims of police violence, as well as Floyd's seven-year-old daughter.

New database, new rules for body cams

In his speech, Biden emphasized that the United States is a "great nation" made up of a large majority of "good people". At the same time, he confirmed that he would travel to Uvalde, Texas, in the coming days, where an 18-year-old killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school.

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Biden's police reform affects only the work of federal agencies: more than 100,000 federal police officers. A new national database of police misconduct is to be created. Violations of civil rights by the police should be better investigated and prosecuted in the future.

The decree also provides new guidelines for body cameras: These must now be activated during arrests or searches. The release of footage following incidents of serious injury or death in custody will be expedited.

In addition, the federal police should be prohibited from certain strangleholds in the future. Searches where the police do not have to make themselves known at the door should be limited. In addition, the purchase of military equipment with federal funds should be restricted. A list of prohibited equipment will be expanded, it said.

However, Biden was unable to find enough supporters in parliament for a more far-reaching reform that also regulates the work of the police authorities at state and district level. Biden also faces fierce opposition in Congress to restricting the lax gun laws that blame Biden for the Uvalde school massacre.

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