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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: War Overview || Ukrainian Soldiers On The Border With Russia, Campaigning For Africa And Asia

Ukrainian troops pushed back the Russian army near Kharkiv. Selenskyj wants to address parliaments in Asia and Africa.

Ukrainian troops report a symbolic success in their counter-offensive in the eastern Kharkiv region: they have at least at one point advanced to the border with Russia. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released a video showing a dozen soldiers next to a border post in the national colors of blue and yellow. According to the information, they belong to a volunteer brigade from the city of Kharkiv. 

The Ukrainian military had already reported in the past few days that they were gradually pushing back Russian troops near Kharkiv. Russia had already withdrawn its troops in northern Ukraine after being stopped in front of the capital, Kiev. Russia is currently concentrating on the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, where pro-Russian separatists have had some areas under their control with help from Moscow since 2014.

Despite heavy Russian attacks, the Ukrainian army still controls around 10 percent of  Luhansk, according to the regional governor. In particular, the Russians have not been able to take the outskirts of the cities of Rubishne, Sievjerodonetsk and Lysychansk so far, Serhiy Hajday said on Sunday. According to the regional administration, three civilians were killed and 13 others injured in Russian attacks in the Donetsk region, also in eastern Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelenskyj Wants ESC In Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wants to address parliaments in African and Asian countries , as he announced in his daily video address. In the past few months, he had, among other things, campaigned for support from parliamentarians in Europe via video link. He hopes, among other things, that this will speed up Ukraine's accession to the EU. In a week he also wants to address the World Economic Forum in Davos, where, among other things, post-war reconstruction is to be discussed.

Today Important Events So Far:

Sweden is campaigning for Turkish approval of NATO membership

Sweden wants to send diplomats to Turkey to overcome reservations about its planned NATO membership. This is announced by Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist. They want to clarify in a dialogue how the problem can be solved and what it's really about, says Hultqvist to the TV station SVT. 

Important Victory For Ukraine

Turkey had raised objections to Sweden's and Finland's accession plans, referring, among other things, to the way the two countries deal with the Kurdish Workers' Party PKK, which Turkey classifies as a terrorist organization. The government in Ankara is also demanding that the two countries lift their ban on the sale of certain weapons to Turkey.

EU Commission lowers growth forecast drastically to 2.7 percent

The EU Commission has lowered its forecast for the EU and euro countries from 4 to 2.7 percent economic growth. In its spring forecast, it had to adjust its last calculations from the winter, as the war in Ukraine and high energy prices are exerting pressure. The inflation forecast also had to be raised from 3.5 percent to 6.1 percent. In 2023, it is expected to be 2.7 percent, which is still above the 2 percent target of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Germany's gas storage tanks more than 40 percent

full After the end of the winter heating phase, Germany's gas storage tanks are gradually filling up again. As can be seen from the website of Europe's gas infrastructure operator (GIE), the storage facilities are now 40.8 percent full. A month earlier it was only 29.8 percent. At 39.5 percent, the current EU average is similar to the German figure.

This war is also America's war

It is normal for the reservoirs to fill up again in spring and summer. As heaters are turned off, the demand for energy falls. In view of an imminent supply stop of Russian natural gas, it is particularly important this year that the storage facilities are well filled. Gas storage compensates for fluctuations in gas consumption and thus forms a kind of buffer system for the gas market.

The storage tanks are usually well filled at the beginning of the heating period in autumn, and the levels then decrease by spring. On cold winter days, up to 60 percent of gas consumption in Germany is covered by German storage facilities. According to the new storage law, they should be 90 percent full by November 1st.

Poland's border guard counts 3.4 million arrivals from Ukraine

According to the Polish border guard, 19,800 more people crossed the border into Poland yesterday. Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine, 3.4 million arrivals from the neighboring country to the east have been registered. The authority announced this via Twitter.

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32,400 people crossed the border towards Ukraine yesterday. A total of 1.3 million have entered Ukraine from Poland since the beginning of the war on February 24. According to the authorities, the majority of these were Ukrainian citizens. They mostly travel to areas that the Ukrainian army has recapturedHas. There is no official information on how many of the war refugees stayed in Poland and how many traveled on to other EU countries.

Civilians injured again after rocket attack near Odessa

According to Ukrainian military information, a tourist accommodation was destroyed by a Russian rocket fire near the port city of Odessa. The Southern Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported at least three civilians injured. The target was therefore a previously attacked and damaged bridge over the mouth of the Dniester River. So far there has been no confirmation from the Russian side. 

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The Defense Ministry in Moscow reported more than 100 airstrikes on Ukraine's military infrastructure. In addition, rockets were fired at more than 300 targets, said ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov. The information cannot be independently verified. 

Other events of the yesterday night:

Firebombs are falling on the  Azov steelworks  in the Ukrainian port city of  Mariupol , according to a video published on Telegram. It could be  phosphorus  weapons.

The city administration of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv has become the target of a cyber attack by suspected Russian hackers. The attack took place on Friday, as has now become known.

According to Ukrainian sources, two people were killed by Russian shelling in the eastern Ukrainian city of  Sievjerodonetsk.

The Russian government may be preparing 2,500 reserve soldiers  for deployment in Ukraine. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army assumes this. 

According to the state news agency Belta, the western sanctions against  Belarus  are causing billions in losses.

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