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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Ukraine Is Said To Have Sunk "Moskva" With The Help Of US Information

The Russian warship "Moskva" sank in mid-April. According to reports, US intelligence information helped the Ukrainian military locate the cruiser.

Before the sinking of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva, US intelligence services are said to have provided Ukraine with information about the location of the warship. US broadcaster NBC, citing unnamed US officials, reported that Ukraine had asked the US for information about a ship cruising in the Black Sea.

The US intelligence services then identified the ship as Moskva and passed on its position to the Ukrainians. However, US services were unaware that the Ukrainians would attack the flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, officials told the channel.

The AP news agency, citing its own source, reported that the US had shared information about the location of the Moscow River. Ukraine made the decision to attack the ship on its own.

A senior US official told AFP that the US had failed to provide Ukraine with information aimed at attacking the Moscow River. "

Killed More Than 600 Ukrainian

We do not provide specific target information about ships." The US provided "a range of intelligence to help Ukrainians better understand the threats posed by Russian ships in the Black Sea and to help them prepare to defend against potential attacks from the sea," he said.

Pentagon: Do not provide information for the purpose of attacks

The Moskva sank in mid-April – according to Ukrainian sources after being hit by anti-ship missiles. The US Department of Defense confirmed this account. Russia claimed ammunition detonated on board the cruiser. The explosion started a fire that damaged the fuselage. The Moskva then sank while attempting to tow her into port.

Russia Wants To Stop Arms Shipments

The US Department of Defense, meanwhile, reiterated that it is not providing Ukrainians with intelligence for the purpose of targeting Russian generals to be killed. The New York Times previously reported, citing anonymous US officials, that of the 12 or so Russian generals killed by Ukrainian forces, "many" were targeted with the help of US intelligence.

"We do not provide information on the whereabouts of senior military leaders on the battlefield and do not participate in targeting decisions by the Ukrainian military," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. "Ukraine combines information that we and other partners provide with the information that it collects itself on the battlefield," he said. "Then she makes her own decisions and takes her own actions."

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