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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Events In Brief || 200 Tanks, Ports Closed For Russian Ships, 1,200 Bodies, NATO Plans Military Exercises, EU Funds For Refugees, G20 Summit, Russian Submarine Under Attack

Poland to deliver more than 200 tanks

Ukraine will receive more than 200 Soviet T-72 tanks from Poland. This was reported by the Polish news agency IAR, citing government agencies. Most of the tanks have already crossed the border and are on Ukrainian territory. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Poland and the Polish people "for the unprecedented support of Ukraine and Ukrainians," he said, according to Polish broadcaster TVN24 refugees from Ukraine.

Norway closes ports for Russian ships

In future, Russian ships will no longer be allowed to dock at Norwegian ports. The only exception to this are fishing trawlers, as the Norwegian government announced in Oslo.  Norway is once again following the example set by the EU. With a time delay, the country had joined almost all EU sanctions against Russia.

1,200 bodies around Kiev

Ukraine speaks of 1,200 bodies around Kiev Since the beginning of the war, 1,187 people have been found dead in the area around the Ukrainian capital. This was announced by the police chief of the Kiev region, Andriy Nebytov, on Ukrainian television. 26 more bodies were found yesterday. 

Russia Wants To Secede

Around 200 people are still considered missing. The information has not been independently verified. Russia had occupied several towns near Kyiv for more than a month. Many of the civilians killed were subsequently found in the small town of Bucha.

NATO plans military exercises in several European countries

NATO is planning major military exercises across Europe in the coming weeks. The maneuvers are to take place in Finland, Poland, North Macedonia and along the border between Estonia and Latvia, according to the western military alliance. In addition to the NATO member countries, the Joint Expeditionary Force, a multinational intervention force that also includes the non-NATO countries Finland and Sweden, is taking part. 

According to British Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddisse, the exercises are intended to serve as a deterrent. The maneuvers begin this week in Finland. There, US, UK, Estonian and Latvian troops will take part in Exercise Arrow , which aims to improve cooperation with the Finnish military. The largest exercise takes place in May along the Estonian-Latvian border - 18,000 soldiers are said to be involved. 

Poland and the Czech Republic want more EU funds for refugees

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala have agreed on a joint application in which they demand more money from the EU Commission to support refugees from Ukraine. This was announced by Morawiecki in Warsaw after a meeting with Fiala. 

Destroyed Western Weapons 

The application should be submitted soon. According to Fiala, both sides also agreed to resume the halted plans to build the Stork II gas pipeline . The pipeline is intended to connect both neighboring countries. The Czech Republic is also interested in buying a stake in liquid gas capacities that are to be expanded in Poland.

Putin plans to attend G20 summit

Russia is preparing to attend the G20 summit in Bali this fall. However, it has not yet been decided whether President Vladimir Putin will attend on site or only virtually, said his spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj was also invited to the summit by host Indonesia. Unlike Russia, Ukraine is not one of the G20 countries. The Indonesian government, which currently holds the G20 presidency, has rejected calls by Western countries to uninvite Putin over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia reports submarine attack

Russia's military has reported the use of a submarine in missile attacks against Ukraine for the first time. In the Black Sea, the boat fired at military installations with Kalibr missiles , the Defense Ministry in Moscow said. The authority released a video that is supposed to show the attack. The authority did not provide more detailed information – for example on which facilities were made. The information cannot be verified independently.

US Stop Arming Ukraine

Russia confirms attack on Kyiv, Ukraine plans evacuation of Azov steel mill - the overview at noon

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed an attack on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said rockets had hit the factory buildings of Ukrainian rocket manufacturer Artem. According to Ukrainian sources, the attacks happened last night while UN Secretary-General António Guterres was still in the city. A house was also hit. It was the first Russian attack on Kyiv in almost two weeks.

The Ukrainian government says it wants to bring civilians from the steelworks in Mariupol to safety today . "An operation to evacuate civilians from the Azov steel factory is planned for today," the Ukrainian presidential office said. Russian President Vladimir Putin is demanding that the Ukrainian fighters entrenched there lay down their arms. 

Further events of the morning in brief:

Ukraine has asked the international community for assistance in clearing mines in the combat zones. 

Despite the ongoing war, thousands of Ukrainians are returning to their homeland.

Great Britain sends about 8,000 soldiers for military exercises in Northern and Eastern Europe. 

According to Russian information, a border crossing point on the border between Ukraine and Russia was attacked from the Ukrainian side.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is reviewing a report by Ukraine that a Russian missile is said to have flown directly over a nuclear power plant.

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