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Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainian Government Expects "Battle For Kyiv" Soon

According to Ukrainian sources, Russia wants to gain a "tactical advantage" before attacking Kyiv. Anonymous hacks several Russian TV channels.

Ukrainian government expects "battle for Kiev" in the next few days. According to the Ukrainian army, Russia has begun to pool resources for an attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. This emerges from the report of the General Staff, which was published on Facebook. 

At the same time, Russian troops tried to gain control of the cities of Irpin and Bucha, which were just outside of Kiev. From there it is only a few kilometers to the northwestern city limits.

Russian units also wanted to gain a tactical advantage, reaching the eastern part of Kiev through the outskirts of Brovary and Boryspil, it said. According to the Ukrainian Internet newspaper Ukrajinska Pravda, the adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Vadym Denysenko, said in a live television program in the evening that a fairly large amount of Russian equipment and troops had accumulated on the routes to Kiev. The information cannot be independently verified.

"China Could Also Be In For A Surprise"

We assume that the battle for Kyiv will be the key battle of the next few days. Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote yesterday on his Telegram channel that fighting was taking place near Kyiv. The city continues to collect all resources for its defense. He has visited several checkpoints on the city limits, the security forces are determined to ward off any attack.

Russia plans to switch to its own domain name system

From March 11, all state-owned websites and digital services in Russia are to stop using international domain name systems and switch to a Russian system instead. According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, this is necessary to prevent cyber attacks. However, the Russian Ministry for Digital Development denied that this was intended to cut Russia's connection to the global Internet. It is a "simple recommendation of cyber hygiene" to ward off attacks and to ensure another connection to the network.

Russian Army Advance On Kyiv

Domain name systems resolve the names of websites into their associated IP addresses. They function somewhat like a giant phone book or an all-encompassing contact list. Last year, Russia successfully disconnected from the global Internet  on a test basis.

Steel helmets from Japan for Ukraine

Japan plans to supply Ukraine with steel helmets, bulletproof vests and other relief supplies. "I want to deliver the necessary supplies as soon as possible," Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in parliament, according to Japanese media reports. Japan will thus support the "unprecedented aid measures" of the international community.

Kishida had previously promised Ukraine humanitarian aid worth around 90 million euros. Japan has a pacifist constitution that actually excludes all participation in wars. The aid deliveries now planned are constitutional, the government said.

Encrypted direct line between Biden and Zelenskyy

US intelligence services have provided Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with an encrypted direct phone line to US President Joe Biden. As the New York Times reports, this is intended to protect Selenskyj from possible access by Russia. In addition, agents in Washington and Germany would provide Ukraine with satellite images and intercepted messages from Russian troops.

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