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Russia-Ukraine War: "China Could Also Be In For A Surprise"

How are Western sanctions affecting the world order? According to international media, Beijing is clearly benefiting only at first glance. 

The Press Review

The war in Ukraine is shifting geostrategic lines. Western sanctions are forcing Russia to turn primarily to China. According to The Washington Post, Russia and China share a common enemy, the United States. "Xi and Putin are both authoritarian leaders who see America as a declining power and the Western democratic system as a failure.

And both reject Western notions of human rights." The world outpouring of support for Ukraine was attributed to China"Beijing has since tried to move away from its pro-Russian position and adopt a more neutral stance," the newspaper comments. "But neutrality appears increasingly untenable as US officials warn that China could be hit with countermeasures if it tries to help Russia circumvent sanctions."

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The Spanish daily El Pais also looks to Beijing for the question of how the war in Ukraine could be ended. Kiev's capitulation is out of the question: "The idea of ​​mediation by Beijing is in the air. Xi Jinping's regime has positioned its pawns to prepare for such an operation." El Pais continues to speculate on Beijing's motivation: "Perhaps Xi sees the advantage of such an arbitration in realizing the Chinese dream and leading the world order."

The English-language edition of the Chinese Global Times also talks about a new world order. The party-controlled tabloid, known for its nationalist line, features a comment by an alleged Ukraine expert . "Today we are witnessing a geopolitical shift. The 500-year period of Western dominance is coming to an end with the rise of Asia. The geopolitical period of Asian dominance will also last 500 years. We should not view the war in Ukraine as an isolated event, but as a predictable part of Washington's global strategy toward world domination."

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The New York Times is more optimistic about US-China relations: "Despite significant differences between the two nations, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently spoke publicly about the potential for cooperation with the United States on global infrastructure projects. After the After issuing a 5,000-word declaration of friendship with Russia weeks before the invasion and spreading Russian misinformation, the Chinese government may now be trying to put some distance between itself and Russia's chosen war."

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung from Switzerland also looks at the relations between China and Russia. "Putin wanted to turn Russia into a strong superpower and is now achieving the opposite. Either he accepts the Chinese leadership role, or he is pretty much alone. Rosy times for Beijing, one would think. But China could also be in for a surprise. Europeans are just waking up. "They will become more wary of dictatorships and their ambitions; they will ask themselves what distinguishes China's new Silk Road from Moscow's hegemony. Only the renunciation of violence? The example of Ukraine teaches us that no one should rely in good faith on reason and moderation in authoritarian regimes."

For the Observer from London it is "still too early to assess the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict for the world order. China, which is guilty of genocide within its own borders, will watch closely how the NATO countries respond to the Russian threat. The people of Ukraine are fighting for their nation's existence. What the US, Europe and the UK do to support them could change the course of history."

For La Repubblica from Rome, information and images are a decisive factor in the outcome of the war: "Perhaps in this modern war, more than sanctions against individuals, we have to rely on another weapon, namely information. Putin is currently trying to block all information channels except the official and you have to prevent him from doing that. It's probably on this terrain where the decisive battle could be fought; it's a terrain where Russia is technologically vulnerable."

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