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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: An Overview || Explosions Near Lviv Airport, 3.2 Million People Have Fled Ukraine, Rocket Debris Hits, Russian Forces Have Made Little Progress, Russian Airports Remain Closed

According to Ukrainian authorities, rockets have hit Lviv airport. According to initial information, there are no victims.

According to Ukrainian sources, violent explosions occurred near Lviv this Friday morning. "Missiles hit the Lviv airport," wrote the mayor of the western Ukrainian city, Andriy Sadovy, on Facebook. The airport itself was not hit, but an aircraft repair shop and a bus workshop were destroyed. According to initial information, there are no victims. The plant stopped working before the attack, Sadoviy told Telegram. Sadowyj called on residents to pay attention to possible air raid alarms and not to distribute photos of the impact site.

According to preliminary information, the area was hit by four Russian cruise missiles fired from several hundred kilometers from the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Air Force said. Two more Russian missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses before they reached their target. The information could not be independently verified.

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The Ukrainian broadcaster Ukraine24 also reported on several explosions in Lviv in the morning. A BBC correspondent tweeted photos of a large plume of smoke. The pictures show Lviv looking west, where the airport is located. So far, things have been comparatively quiet in Lviv, and there are many refugees in the city. Last Sunday, the Russian army bombed a Ukrainian military base in the area near the border with NATO partner and EU member Poland. According to Ukrainian sources, at least 35 people died and 134 were injured.

3.2 million people have fled Ukraine According to the border guards, more than two million refugees have arrived

in Poland from the neighboring country since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. It was mainly women and children, the authority tweeted on Friday. Many of them then travel on to other countries, including Germany. But Poland is currently taking in the most refugees. The United Nations has counted a total of almost 3.2 million Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war, according to the current situation report. In addition to Poland, they are also fleeing to all other neighboring countries to the west of Ukraine

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Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Only a very small part tries to get to Belarus in the north. According to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, almost 200,000 war refugees have already arrived in Germany.

This should give civilians the chance to get to safety from contested areas. One of these escape routes should lead from Mariupol to Zaporizhia in the northwest , said Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Wereshchuk in a video message this morning. The port city of Mariupol is besieged and shelled by separatists and Russian units. There are said to be other escape routes in the north-eastern Sumy region. The warring parties must negotiate such escape routes beforehand and then stick to the agreements. That has not always been the case in the past few days.

Rocket debris hits residential area in northern Kyiv

According to the Kyiv state administration, there was an impact in a residential area in the north of the capital. Rescue workers are on duty in the Podil district, the authority writes on its Telegram channel. Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said one person was killed and 19 injured. Four children were among the wounded in the Podil district, Klitschko said in a video he published on Telegram. Russian troops fired on houses, kindergartens and a school. This information could not initially be verified independently. 

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The civil protection authority DSNS reported on Telegram, a rocket launched hit a five-story apartment building and started a fire. One person was killed in the process. The fire brigade is trying to extinguish the fire and was able to save twelve people from the building.

British intelligence sees little Russian progress Russian forces have made little progress

in their attacks in Ukraine this week, according to the British Ministry of Defense. The ministry tweeted this with reference to the current situation report by British secret services. Ukrainian forces continue to be successful in preventing encirclement of the cities of Kiev and Mykolayiv.

Several airports in southern Russia remain closed

Russian authorities have extended the flight ban in the south of their own country. Eleven Russian airports will remain closed until March 26, including in Rostov-on-Don and in the city of Krasnodar. The airports on the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, annexed in 2014, are also affected by the airspace restrictions. This was announced by the aviation authority Rosawiazija.

After invading Ukraine on February 24, Russia closed several southern Russian airports and has since extended this flight ban several times.

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