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Ukraine: USA Asks Relatives Of Diplomats To Leave The Country

Families of US diplomats to leave Ukraine. The US government justifies this with the risk of a Russian military operation. Advises against trips to Russia.

The US State Department has ordered the families of US diplomats in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to leave the country. The reason for this is the "continued threat of a Russian military operation," the ministry said.

Local employees of the US embassy may therefore voluntarily leave the country. Other US citizens living in Ukraine should "now consider" leaving Ukraine by commercial flights or other means of transportation, it said.

The US government also advises its citizens against traveling to Russia. It is "strongly recommended" to avoid travel to Russia, the US State Department said. The background is the "tensions on the border with Ukraine". The government in Washington also warned US citizens in Russia against harassment by the police, including through the "arbitrary application of laws".

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Russia has massed more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border in recent weeks. The West therefore fears a major Russian attack on the neighboring country. The government in Moscow has denied any invasion plans.

The Federal Foreign Office said on Saturday that it would not reduce its embassy staff in Kiev. "We are very closely monitoring the security situation for the staff at our diplomatic missions in Ukraine, and we are also in close contact with our partners in the EU and at international level," it said.

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The CDU foreign policy expert Jürgen Hardt called on the federal government to give up its resistance to arms deliveries to Ukraine. "I think the demand for defensive weapons from Ukraine in Germany should be checked and, in certain cases, given a positive decision," said the foreign policy spokesman for the Union faction of the world. Ukraine had repeatedly asked Germany for arms supplies. However, the Berlin government has repeatedly rejected this.

The United States has initiated in Ukraine the usual measures to protect its citizens in a third country when it is going to go to war. Washington has announced the repatriation of the families of its diplomats in Ukraine due to the risk of Russia invading that country, and has recommended that its citizens leave Ukraine. In addition, the US State Department has agreed to its embassy's request, made on Saturday, to repatriate all non-essential personnel.

The decision comes after Secretary of State Tony Blinken told the CNN television network that "the entry of a single Russian soldier" into Ukraine "in an aggressive manner" would provoke an immediate, severe and unified response from the United States. United States and Europe". Russia has already occupied 7% of Ukrainian territory for almost eight years, in retaliation for the overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Kiev. The White House is studying sending between 1,000 and 5,000 Army soldiers to the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.

Now, Vladimir Putin has concentrated more than 100,000 soldiers on Ukraine's borders, both in Russia itself and in Belarus, a country that is in practice a colony of Moscow. A Russian flotilla of amphibious ships is heading from the Baltic to the Black Sea in what could be part of a plan to open another front from Crimea, another part of Ukrainian territory that Russia annexed in 2014.

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The constant concentration of troops by the Russian dictator has strengthened collaboration between the US and Kiev in recent days. After a week in which the White House had to deny the president himself, Joe Biden, when he stated that if Russia only carried out a minor incursion into Ukraine, the response from the West would be more moderate.

Both Blinken's statements and the possible deployment of soldiers seem to indicate that the US is hardening its position.

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