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Today News | In North Korea, Kim Jong Un Wants To Tackle The Supply Crisis & In Tunisia, Ennahdha Chief Noureddine Bhiri Arrested

In his New Year's declaration, the North Korean ruler promised his people solutions to the supply crisis. The focus was also on the pandemic.

The North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un focused on the precarious domestic supply situation and the corona pandemic in his New Year's declaration. 

Kim presented "the achievement of an epochal step in the solution of problems related to the daily needs of the people" as "an important task," reported the state news agency KCNA. "Emergency measures" to combat the pandemic would also have "top national priority".

According to the South Korean central bank, in 2020, due to the pandemic and the resulting border closure, the north recorded the worst economic decline in over two decades. Internationally, there was growing concern about a serious food crisis in the isolated country.

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According to the KCNA, Kim announced again a “strengthening of national defense capacities” because of the “increasingly unstable military environment on the Korean peninsula and the international situation”. However, the rulers did not mention their main adversaries, the USA and South Korea. Pyongyang is subject to numerous international sanctions because of its nuclear and missile program, which has made rapid progress under Kim.

Tunisia: Ennahdha chief Noureddine Bhiri arrested

The Islamist Ennahdha party had great influence in Tunisia until the parliament was overthrown. Now its chairman has been arrested as a "preventive measure".

In Tunisia, the vice-chairman of the Islamist Ennahdha party, Noureddine Bhiri, has been arrested. As his lawyer Samir Dolou said, men in plain clothes "brutally arrested the former justice minister on Friday in front of his home in the capital Tunis and took him to an undisclosed location". The Ennahdha party denounced a "kidnapping" and a "dangerous precedent".

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There was initially no official confirmation. However, in a statement released late Friday, the Home Office said it had ordered two people to be placed under house arrest. It was a "preventive measure" to "protect national security". The ministry did not provide names or further details.

Coup allegations against the president

Ennahdha has had a major influence on Tunisian politics in recent years and until the government and parliament were ousted by President Kaïs Saïed at the end of July. The Islamists accused the president of a coup. Saïed has scheduled a new parliamentary election for December 2022. Parliamentary work will be suspended until then.

In October the head of state set up a new government; With Najla Bouden, the North African country has for the first time a woman at the head of government. However, after Saïed's expansion of the presidential powers, your official powers are limited. In fact, the president is in charge of government affairs and has the final say in cabinet decisions.

Mohamed Goumani of the Ennahdha party blamed Saïed and Interior Minister Taoufik Charfeddine for the arrest of his party colleague Bhiri. 

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He lamented "intimidation to deter people" who opposed Saïed's takeover. According to Goumani, Tunisia is on the way to dictatorship. His party will "take all available political means against it."

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