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The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy: Classified Documents Released

The attack on the former US President Kennedy has been intensively investigated. Another part of the secret files has now been published.

The US government has released numerous other sealed documents relating to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The nearly 1,500 documents of the US foreign intelligence service CIA and the Federal Police FBI have now been published on the website of the National Archives of the USA. 

They show the extent of the efforts of the US investigators to find possible accomplices or clients of the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

Possible connections to secret services of the Soviet Union, communist groups in Africa and the Italian mafia were examined. The documents also show how the US spied on Fidel Castro's communist government in Cuba, with which Oswald was in contact and whose overthrow was a goal of Kennedy.

Numerous conspiracy theories

The US Democrat Kennedy was fatally shot while driving in an open car in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Numerous conspiracy theories have grown up around the assassination attempt on the charismatic president, which caused astonishment around the world.

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An official investigation after Kennedy's death came to the conclusion that he was shot by the lone perpetrator Oswald, who in turn was killed two days later by the nightclub owner Jack Ruby. The version was repeatedly questioned by conspiracy theorists in front of all.

There is speculation that the communism sympathizer Oswald was put on Kennedy by Cuba or the Soviet Union - or by groups hostile to Cuba with the help of the FBI. Others believe political rivals may be behind the president's assassination.

The discussion about the background to the assassination attempt on Kennedy flared up through the 1991 film "JFK - Tatort Dallas" by US director Oliver Stone. In the following year, a law ordered the publication of almost all documents on Kennedy's death - a total of more than five million pages - within 25 years, i.e. by 2017. Exceptions are possible for reasons of national security.

Other unpublished documents

Former US President Donald Trump released more than 53,000 documents in seven tranches. According to the National Archives, this corresponds to 88 percent of all documents. Thousands of other documents remained under lock and key, with references to national security. 

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Trump's successor Joe Biden also postponed the publication of documents in order to avoid "damage to the military defense, intelligence operations, police work or foreign policy".

Kennedy expert Philip Shenon wrote on the Politico news portal that some documents would probably never be published - which should further fuel conspiracy theories.

"As long as the government hides some documents, it will strengthen the idea that there is a factual basis for gritty conspiracies leading to Kennedy's death."

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