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Omicron: Thousands Of Anti-vaccine Protesters Create Chaos Outside Downing Street London

The protest, one of the largest held since the start of the pandemic, coincided with the declaration of a "serious incident" in London.

Thousands of anti-vaccine protesters from all over the United Kingdom collapsed Parliament Square in London this Saturday and staged clashes with the police in front of the Dowing Street fences, shouting "No to Covid passports!", "Down with tyranny! " and "Stop Boris Johnson!"

The street protest, one of the largest held since the start of the pandemic, coincided with the declaration of a "serious incident" in London by the mayor, Sadiq Khan , before the spread of the Omicron variant , which is considered responsible for the 60% of new cases in the city. Khan warned that casualties from the recent wave of infections are already wreaking havoc on hospitals and may leave firefighters and police under-staffed.

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The number of patients in our hospitals is rising again and omicron has become the dominant variant 

We are already noticing the impact in the city and coordination between all agencies is essential to be able to move forward with the vaccination program

This Saturday, 90,418 cases of Covid were counted in the United Kingdom , the second highest figure so far this year after the record of 93,045 registered on Friday. The proven cases of the omicron variant exceed 10,000, with 85 hospitalizations so far.

Meanwhile, the SAGE scientific advisory committee has recommended that the Government urgently take more drastic measures to avoid a scenario of more than 100,000 infections and 3,000 daily hospitalizations in the next week. Boris Johnson sees himself in the position of introducing new restrictions, despite the recent rebellion of 98 "Tory" deputies against the introduction of the Covid passport to access discos and stadiums.

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The measures approved this week provoked the mobilization of groups such as "Saver Our Rights" or "Take a Stand London", which called for the protest of thousands of citizens without masks before the British Parliament . According to Scotland Yard, several police officers were slightly injured in the struggles at noon on Saturday, although there was no information on any detainees.

Singing "Freedom" and yelling "Shame!" To the police, the protesters took their protest to Downing Street, where they broke down the police protection fences and managed to approach the metal fence of the Prime Minister's mansion . Several riot police had to intervene to disperse the protesters, who read a Declaration of Unity signed by 200 groups across the country, demanding "the defense of fundamental rights for democracy."

The protests took place during the day by the British capital and again provoked the police intervention in Regents Street, where the demonstrators threw eggs at the shops. From Glasgow to Cardiff, from Belfast to Bournemouth, the demonstrations swept across much of the country.

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