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'Uncrowned King': Extensive Powers Of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman

Due to the illness of King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has taken full control of the kingdom even before he officially took over the throne.

According to the AFP news agency, 86-year-old Farman Rawa is seriously ill these days and due to his health concerns, Muhammad bin Salman, 36, has taken over all the affairs of the government.

These days, Salman bin Abdulaziz is rarely seen in public circles, and Muhammad bin Salman has been chairing meetings at the royal palace since welcoming foreign delegations.

Since being crowned in 2017, Mohammed bin Salman has been considered Saudi Arabia's most authoritative head of state, and he has never been so prominent in government before meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in early December. He also chaired the Gulf Cooperation Council summit on Tuesday.

Vladimir The Great!
Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz usually heads the annual meeting after receiving and shaking hands with heads of state and delegations, but this time it was not at the Gulf Council meeting.

Yasmeen Farooq, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told AFP that it was only after the Saudi ruler's illness that Muhammad bin Salman met with the presidents and began presiding over summits, after which it was speculated. That the Crown Prince is the real ruler of the country.

He said that the new thing is that now a parallel and more important role for the Crown Prince is being acknowledged in the nation and in the media. Are fulfilling the obligations.

Since the spread of COVID-19, Shah Salman has been living in Newem, a future project on the Red Sea.

Shah Salman's last meeting with a foreign official in Riyadh was in March 2020 when he met the then British Foreign Secretary Dominic Reb and his last trip abroad was in January 2020 to offer condolences on the death of Sultan Qaboos. What about Oman?

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman has sought to establish himself as a moderate Muslim around the world, as well as opening up Saudi Arabia to tourists and foreign investment to boost the world's largest oil-exporting economy. Opportunities should also be provided in the fields.

The Crown Prince has also taken a number of steps for major social change in the country, including allowing women to drive and work in the public sector, enabling citizens to earn extra income and enjoy recreational facilities.

However, along with this change, there have been restrictions on expression in the monarchy and those who disagree have faced restrictions.

Neighbors, Not Roommates

He also has a softer side for Israel than his father and has allowed commercial flights to pass through Saudi airspace. According to Christine Dewan of the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, Prince Muhammad bin Salman has benefited from the king's longevity.

He told AFP that his continued presence sends a message to traditional authorities to cover the crown prince's youth and unconventional practices, which are rarely interrupted. However, Saudi officials did not say why King Salman was not present at Tuesday's meeting.

However, Ali Shahabi, an adviser to the Saudi government, said King Salman bin Abdulaziz was "absolutely fine" but was "cautious".

He said in his tweet that credible sources confirm that the king is in good health, he exercises daily but he is 86 years old and he feels uncomfortable wearing masks and shaking hands with people and They tend to greet you warmly, so extra care is taken to keep them safe and away from public places.

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