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Donald Trump: 'I Saved Israel From Destruction'

There was a time when Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu were very close. But then Trump became the former president and now he is so angry that he insulted the current US President Joe Biden on behalf of former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Former President Donald Trump was interviewing an Israeli journalist, Barack Reeve, on a book he wrote on the Middle East when he slammed Netanyahu for angrily congratulating Joe Biden on his election as the new US president. ۔

Joe Biden was the first person to greet Biden, whom I cared for more than anyone else. He could have kept quiet. He made a big mistake

It should be noted that Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been the Prime Minister of Israel for 12 years, is also known as 'BB' whose government was overthrown in June this year.

'I haven't talked to Bibi since'

When Israeli journalist Barack Reeve went to interview Trump for his book, Trump's Peace: The Abraham's Accords and Reshaping of the Middle East, he probably had no idea what was going to happen.

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During the interview, former US President Trump suddenly turned his guns on the former Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu was quick to congratulate Joe Biden. I haven't spoken to him since, "he said.

I did a lot for the BB Trump said. I like that even now. But loyalty is more important to me

Joe Biden was the first person to greet BB for whom I did more than anyone else. He could have kept quiet. He made a big mistake.

The real reason behind Donald Trump's outburst of anger is his failure to recognize the results of the US presidential election. His position is that the US election was rigged.

Netanyahu's response: 'I appreciate Trump's services'

Contrary to President Trump's claims, Netanyahu was not the first foreign leader to congratulate Joe Biden.

Even when Netanyahu congratulated Biden on Twitter, he did not use the word "newly elected president" to describe him, but shortly afterwards, he praised his services to Trump. Appreciated a tweet.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in response to statements made by Donald Trump, told the news website Exxon that he appreciated Trump's services to Israel.

I also appreciate the strong ties between Israel and the United States, and that is why it was so important to me that I congratulate the new president

Trump and Netanyahu: The tilt of US policy in the Middle East

It should be noted that during the presidency of Donald Trump, US policies in the Middle East had been sharply tilted towards Israel.

The reason for this relationship is said to be the mutual friendship between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.

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In the White House, then-Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called President Trump "his best friend."

In response, Trump's United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moved its embassy from Tel Aviv.

In addition, during Donald Trump's presidency, the United States recognized Israel's domination of the Golan Heights, as well as Israeli illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories, contrary to the United Nations position.

Netanyahu also created a new population called 'Trump Heights'. These steps led to a clear shift in Palestinian frustration and Middle East politics.

'I saved Israel from destruction'

In a recent interview, Trump also claimed that he had saved Israel from disaster.

Let me tell you what would have happened if I hadn't been here, I think Israel was doomed. Do you want to know the truth? I think Israel would have been destroyed by now

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