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Taliban New Rules On Women In Afghanistan, Ban On Working In TV Dramas

In Afghanistan, the Taliban government has announced a number of new measures, including banning women from working in TV dramas.

According to these rules, women journalists and TV anchors are required to cover their heads before appearing on TV.

Media representatives in Afghanistan say some of the rules imposed by the Taliban are not entirely clear and need to be clarified.

When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in August this year, many feared that they would gradually impose tougher sanctions on the country, especially on women.

The militant Islamic group, the Taliban, seized control of the country after US and coalition forces withdrew and banned women and girls from attending school.

Even in her first term in the 1990s, women were barred from working and studying.

What are the measures announced by the Taliban?

The government has issued orders to TV channels in Afghanistan based on eight regulations. These include banning films that violate Sharia law, Islamic law and Afghan values, and exposing men's naked bodies. In addition, comedy programs that ridicule religion or offend anyone will be banned.

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The Taliban also insisted that foreign films that promote foreign cultural values ​​could not be screened. Foreign TV dramas are usually aired on Afghan TV channels in which women play the lead roles. Hujjatullah Mujaddidi, a member of an organization representing journalists in Afghanistan, said the steps taken by the Taliban were "unexpected".

Speaking to the BBC, he said that it was not possible to carry out certain orders and if they were carried out, the channel would have no choice but to close.

The Taliban's announcement to bar women and girls from going to school meant that Afghanistan was the only country in the world that prevented half of its population from getting an education.

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The mayor of Kabul has also told female employees working in local bodies that if the nature of their work is such that men cannot do it, then they should come to work or stay at home.

The Taliban claim that their measures to prevent women from working and getting an education are only 'temporary' and that their only goal is to make the environment 'safe' for women in all working institutions and educational institutions.

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