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Storming Of The US Capitol | Federal Court Approves Handover Of Donald Trump's Secret Files

The former US president suffered a legal defeat in coming to terms with the storming of the Capitol. A committee is given access to files against Trump's will.

A US federal court approved the release of the files on the storming of the Washington Capitol earlier this year. As indicated in court documents, the documents may be submitted to a parliamentary committee of inquiry of Congress. Former US President Donald Trump, whose supporters stormed the Capitol in January, has filed a lawsuit against the release of the documents.

The court was of the opinion "that it is in the public interest to comply with the joint desire of the legislature and executive to investigate the events that occurred before and on January 6th, in order to prevent such events from ever happening again", It said in a statement by federal judge Tanya Chutkan, which was published by several US media outlets. Trump had invoked the so-called executive privilege in his lawsuit against the surrender. This allows a president to keep certain documents secret.

Further summons to Trump's former employees

Trump does not recognize his electoral defeat in the presidential election a year ago against the Democrat Joe Biden to this day. He repeated his unsubstantiated accusation of massive election fraud in front of supporters in Washington on January 6th, when Congress wanted to certify Joe Biden's election victory. Trump called on his audience to march to the Capitol and "fight the hell out of it". Hundreds of radical supporters of the Republican then stormed the parliament building. Five people died in the violence that followed.

The House of Representatives, controlled by Biden's Democrats, set up a committee of inquiry to investigate the background to the storming of the Capitol. Biden has already consented to the documents being sent to the National Archives. Documents include meeting minutes, emails and communications from the last few weeks of Trump's tenure.

The committee of inquiry confirmed a subpoena to ten other former Trump administration officials. Among other things, the former White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany will be available to answer questions from MPs, as the House Committee announced. Also summoned were Trump's former advisor Stephen Miller, Vice Chief of Staff Christopher Liddell and former National Security Advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, Keith Kellogg.

The committee had already sent summons to other Trump companions on Monday, including former campaign manager William Stepien. The panel must bring "every detail" to light about their efforts to sabotage the election result, said chairman Bennie Thompson.

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