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Russia Tests Another Hypersonic Missile

Russia says it has successfully tested another hypersonic cross-missile Zircon in a bid to advance the world powers' arms race.

Dawn newspaper report says Russia, US, France and China are without voice-driven vehicles and the so-called hyper-sonic experience that is called Mach 5 speed.

The Defense Ministry said Admiral Gorshkov launched a Zircon missile from a warship aimed at a range of 400 kilometers (250 miles) in the Barents Sea as part of Russia's "completion of experiments" with hypersonic missile weapons.

He described it as a "successful test" and said the missile hit its target successfully. The missile was tested in light of plans to equip both Russian warships and submarines with zircon.

Nuclear Arms Race | A New Sputnik Moment For The USA

In February 2019, Vladimir Putin revealed the development of a new weapon in the country, saying that it could reach its target in both sea and land and had a range of one thousand kilometers (about 620 miles) and that The speed is 9 mph.

Hypersonic Missile Test | US 'Successful' Test Of Hypersonic Missile

Russia's latest test of Zircon came after Western reports said that China had tested a hypersonic missile off the coast of southern China in July and that its speed was five times faster than sound.

Until the experiment, none of the world powers had demonstrated a comparison of expertise in medium-range missile launches.

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China later denied the report, saying it was a routine experiment to re-use a used space rocket.

Russia is promoting the development of a number of missiles that will defeat the current defense systems, including the Sarmat intercontinental missile and the Barostatic cross missile.

Russia Is Said To Have Endangered ISS Astronauts With Missile Tests In Space

Western experts have linked the deadly bombing of a test site in northern Russia in 2019 to a nuclear-powered cross-beam, which led to a sharp rise in local radiation.

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