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Humiliation At The Hands Of Chinese Soldiers, Pictures Of Indian Soldiers Go Viral

New images of clashes between India and China went viral on social media on Sunday, November 7 through Chinese accounts.

However, no source could confirm the location, date and year of the photos. The photos were also posted on a microblogging site by a Chinese journalist through a verified account.

In the viral images, it can be seen that several hundred officers, who appear to be Indian soldiers, are holding their ears with both hands and apologizing to the Chinese soldiers. While some Indian soldiers have joined hands in front of Chinese soldiers.

Some users say the photos were taken during clashes in the disputed border region of the Gluan Valley in June last year, but have not been officially confirmed by either side.

Why is the Galvan Valley important?

The disputed area of ​​the Galvan Valley is in Aksai Chin. The Galvan Valley is located near the Indo-China border between Ladakh and Aksai Chin.

Here the Line of Actual Control (LAC) separates China from India. Both India and China claim ownership of Aksai Chin. The valley stretches from southern Xinjiang in China to Ladakh in India.

Distracting from the corona?

China has accused India of creating a border dispute to divert attention from Karuna's affairs.

Indian analyst SD Mani says the fight against the corona virus has its place and national security has its place. China is also expanding its military presence in the South China Sea. The world is dealing with the corona virus, but the military is not fighting the corona virus. The army will do its job.

"These are matters of strategic importance that were, are and will continue to be before Corona," he added. Therefore, China's claim is not correct.

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