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Cyber ​​Attacks: US And UK Decide On Joint Cyber Operations Over Rising Crimes Against Them On The Internet

The United States and the United Kingdom have decided to jointly take action against their common enemies who are trying to harm both countries in the cyber world.

Both allies said they would use "a variety of resources" on the Internet to counter "growing threats" against them.

The United States and Britain have not named their common opponents, but the announcement comes at a time when both countries are concerned about the actions of individuals who sit in Russia and use a variety of tactics on the Internet to extort money.

The heads of the two countries' intelligence agencies discussed the joint operation plan in detail at a meeting in the United States last week, where details of the plan were also discussed.

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On behalf of the United Kingdom, General Sir Patrick Sanders and Sir Jeremy Fleming, Director of the Intelligence Service (GCHQ), and General Paul Nakasone, Head of US Cyber ​​Command, reiterated their commitment to the present and future of the two countries. Will block the path of cyber threats.

The heads of the two countries' intelligence agencies said that as a democracy, they were committed to taking all necessary and appropriate steps within the law.

"In today's interconnected digital world, the two countries face strategic threats aimed at undermining our shared principles and our values," they said in a joint statement.

We agree that it is vital to protect our lifestyles that we use our full potential to promote connectivity in the cyber world

To this end, we will plan long-term operations in the cyber world that will enhance our joint defense capabilities and enable us to apply the results to our common adversaries 

he added. Who take action against us through the internet.

Gordon Carrera, Correspondent for Security Affairs

The United States and the United Kingdom have stepped up their efforts to deal with their actions in the Internet world, or at least so much so that the two countries are now openly talking about it.

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The two countries are now making it clear that the long-standing intelligence partnership between them will now be used against their opponents on the Internet.

America's 'constant communication' strategy means that it is going to compete with its foreign opponents in the cyber world on a daily basis to make it difficult for them to carry out such operations on the Internet.

Although the UK does not use such language, by announcing the formation of its National Cyber ​​Force, the UK has also indicated that it is going to take steps similar to the US. The UK seeks to remove software developers from the Internet who extort money from the public, and the UK seeks to disrupt the activities of foreign intelligence agencies that spy on the UK or more in cyberspace. Can carry out devastating attacks.

The two countries are talking about 'implementing the results', but many big questions remain, such as whether the joint actions of the two countries will have any effect on opponents who do not adhere to your principles and whether these opponents really have their own. Operations can be prevented.

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