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Afghanistan | The Taliban Banned The Use Of Foreign Currency

The Taliban government has banned the use of foreign currency, which could further hurt the already struggling economy.

Taliban from Afghanistan are also frozen assets abroad while facing Afghanistan in mid-August to take Kabul after the fall of the currency.

Banks are running out of cash in the country's hesitant economy, and the international community has so far refused to recognize the new government.

Most transactions in the country are done in US dollars, while Pakistani rupees are used in areas adjacent to the southern Pakistani border trade routes.

However, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced in a statement that from now on, anyone using international currency for local trade would be prosecuted.

It is in the economic situation and in the national interest that all Afghan citizens use Afghan currency for transactions in the country

The statement said that the Islamic Emirate has directed all citizens, including shopkeepers, traders and businessmen, to immediately conduct all transactions in Afghani and refrain from using foreign currency.

The Taliban banned the use of foreign currency in the country.

The Taliban spokesman said the Afghan currency should be used for the country's economic situation and national interest.

Keep in mind that the US dollar is widely used in Afghan markets, while the currency of neighboring countries is used for trade in the border areas.

However, the use of foreign currency by the Taliban has now been banned.

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