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Adding A Few New Features To Google Maps For The Convenience Of The People

Google has added new features to its popular service Maps to help you navigate shopping centers, airports and transit stations.

Google said in a blog that the dictionary feature in Maps is being expanded so that people can find their way to the larger buildings around them.

This will allow them to quickly see the shops inside the buildings or shopping malls or find other locations, including the location of airport lounges and parking lots.

Google Maps is also adding other relevant details such as working hours and ratings of centers.

Another feature area business has been added to the service which also includes Live Trends.

Live trends tell about the busyness of a particular area and it helps to avoid going to dense areas.

Google Maps seeks to facilitate the purchase of general bargaining chips and features retailers' status or order tracking feature.

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According to Google, the feature is currently available for more than 2,000 store locations in 30 US states.

The company said that the price range of restaurants is also being increased in Maps to facilitate meals at reasonable prices outside the home.

Consumer contributions will be used for this feature while it will also be possible to know the restaurant review, outdoor seating availability, delivery options and other details.

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