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Yemen Civil war | At Least 12 Dead In Explosion In Yemen | Myanmar Army Destroys Churches And Houses In An Act Of Revenge

Since the rebels took over the capital, the president has ruled from the southern port city of Aden. There has now been a serious explosion at the airport.

At least twelve people were killed and numerous others injured in an alleged bomb attack in Yemen , a country with civil war . The news agencies dpa and AFP report with reference to emergency services and a high-ranking representative of the security forces. There is no official information on the number of injuries. According to initial information, a truck exploded at the entrance to the city's airport.

Aden is the second largest city in Yemen. It is located in the southwest of the country and currently serves as the provisional seat of government since the Houthi rebels took the north, including the capital Sanaa. Almost three weeks ago , six people were killed in a bomb attack on the car convoy of Aden Governor Ahmed Lamlas. The governor survived the attack.

Since 2015 there has been a war in Yemen between the troops of President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi, supported by Saudi Arabia and other states, and the Houthi rebels. These are supported by Iran. Tens of thousands of people were killed and millions had to flee.

Houthi rebels and government forces continue to fight for supremacy in the oil-rich city of Marib. It is the last city in the north of the country that is under government control. Observers fear that the Houthis could launch an offensive in the south of the country after a possible capture of Marib.

Myanmar Army destroys churches and houses in an act of revenge

In Myanmar, a conflict between the military and resistance groups has escalated in the predominantly Christian Chin state. Dozens of buildings were burned down.

In the small Burmese town of Thantlang in the predominantly Christian Chin state, another conflict between a local resistance group and the army stationed there has escalated. Dozens of houses and two churches were burned down. An office of the children's rights organization Save the Children is also affected. According to the organization, all ten employees had to flee.

The latest escalation was triggered by the death of a Chinland Defense Force (CDF) soldier, according to the Myanmar Now news portal. The soldier is said to have ransacked a shop on Friday morning and was shot dead. At first it was unclear who killed him. According to local media reports, the armed forces then shelled the city. They destroyed dozens of buildings, the exact number varies widely. In addition, according to a CDF spokesman, armed men should have come to the place where the soldier was killed within a very short time and set other houses on fire.

The Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), whose rooms were also on fire, called on the UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting. CHRO accuses Supreme Military Commander Thaung Hlaing of wantonly ordering the destruction of the city. Rohingya activist Tun Khin also used Twitter to urge the international community to act quickly and not repeat the mistakes of 2017 for the people of Thantlang and others in Chin State.

On February 1, a military junta, the State Administration Council (SAC), overthrew the democratically elected government of State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi and appointed a transitional government on August 1. There will be elections in August 2023. Since taking power, the junta has been using violence against opponents of the regime, particularly in the predominantly Christian Union states of Kayah, Kachin and Chin. In the more remote areas in particular, however, they also encounter armed resistance from the minorities living there.

Chin is one of the poorest regions in Myanmar and has developed into a center of armed resistance in recent months. Thousands of people have already fled Chin to India. The Indian state of Mizoram, which is directly adjacent to Chin, is also Christian and supports the refugees, for example refugee children are allowed to attend state schools there.

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